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Surge Protection


What is an Electrical Surge and where does it come from?

An Electrical Surge and Transients are momentary spikes in your Electrical Voltage. The power companies try to keep the voltage uniform at 120 volts A/C. Lighting, short-circuits, the turning on and off of your household electrical appliances or some other accident can make the voltage jump to hundreds or even thousands of volts. These can enter your home through your Electric line, Telephone line, Cable television and even your Internet connection. While the Surge will last only a few millionths of one second, it is enough to destroy or upset your appliances.

What is "Voltage" you mentioned above?

Think of a water hose attached to a hose bib turned on. As the water flows through this hose it is rubbing against the inside of the hose causing friction... This friction in electrical is called VOLTAGE. 

What harm can these Surges do?

While some of these Surges are immediate and the effects known quickly such as equipment burning up and FIRES starting, others are low level. Over time these Low Level Surges can shorten the life of Computers, Entertainment systems, Telecommunication devices and other printed circuit board devices you have through out your home. 

What can I do to protect my Home and Belongings?

The first step is to have a PROTECTOR installed at the service panel of your house. This will absorb the main thrust of the surge. Talk to your Electrician as to which type is right for you.    

The second step is to Install plug-in surge protectors on all lines where you have Sensitive Electronic devices. These Surge Protectors can be bought at most electronic and hardware stores. Talk to the sales-person to make sure you get one that meets your needs.